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I need help with my rig so this group is about  recording guitar through the Eleven Rack and all...

The '19 Kompoz-A-Thon Challenge

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The Kompoz-A-Thon is a non-stop series of weekly challenges that anyone is open to join!    Can you keep up the pace week in and week out? Or do you just want to stop by once in a while?   As long as you follow the parameters of each challenge (pos...

Audio Players - The Making Of

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Please share audio players you have made in html and how you may have changed the characteristics and especially, how you hooked up your tracks to the player and how they are hosted. Individual tutes would be great.

The Department of redundancy department

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This group. this group... is for those people that can not and I repeat can not make up their mind. This group. this group... is for those people that can not and I repeat can not make up their mind.If you are a little off, off of your thoughts, this i...

Composing Music

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For some, writing music is the only way to get the notes out of our heads. A musician, who struggles to play has few options: writing and composing become an integral part of this internal struggle. If you would like to learn, if you would like to teac...

Rhythm Sections- Bass & Drums

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This Group is for the rhythm section. Come together and get that groove. Highlight your rhythms here. Get help with collaborations, ask questions and lets rock the world... One note at a time.

Groovy Horn Sections

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Hey, I created this group because I like horn sections. Especially those where different instruments play together: trumpet, sax, trombone ... Of course flute, clarinet, French horn, tuba and serpent players are also welcome. Sometimes a horn section r...

Lyrics in Spanish

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This group is created to get together people who speak Spanish as a mother tongue (To make songs in Spanish).


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This is a list of tracks that have been sitting around for a long time , without any attention , AND need lyrics and / or Vocals ,  Starting off this list will be one found by  JODEENSHEAD called SO SKILLFUL  ?  by HARPLINE      https://www.kompoz....


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Sing Christmas Carols to downloaded Karaoke tracks. It's a Kompoz Karaoke Party. Everybody's a singer in here. After the Season, I'll 86 the group. Hopefully along the way, we'll have a group track and have multiple singers. It'...

K-Town LoveFest!

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Upshot: Add your voice to the K-Town LoveFest! Beyond simply a place to showcase songs, this is a place to 'shout from the rooftops' all things awesome about the many, many gems in this Kompie musik kommunity! Let's get this gratitude party...

PROG Artists/Fan Group

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Do you roll your eyes when someone calls a 6-to-8 minute track a "long" song?   How about when people can't imagine a great metal track breaking into some polka spontaneously and then going back?   Well, there's a good chance you be...

Vintage Synths

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Anyone have or used vintage synths?  What I call vintage is not 10 years old, but more like 30+ years old, it don't matter if it's Moog, Korg, Hammond, ARP, if it's 30 years or older, what make/model is/was it and post a sample of your ...

Who's Rocking The South

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Group for Lyricists and Musicians who love old style Southern Rock Music...Allman Brothers Band The Marshall Tucker Band The Outlaws Thin Lizzy etc...Looking for like minded folks to join in and help create the next generation of awesome Southern r...

Planet: Nemesis

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Planet: Nemesis is a progressive rock online band.   Band members: Moonrunner - guitars Pokermask - keyboards and bass RealAl - drums and percussion

This Collaboration Doesn't Work

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I put a song on here no takers  I guess I wasted my money I expected some collaboration all I have are likes. Great for Facebook and Twitter but not what I am looking for.

Ahya Alberto

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I like to compose music similar to that made up of the haya band. I am looking for collaborators who share the same passion for the music of inner Mongolia, the tuva republic. The songs are music made in adoration of the amthaba bhudda and are songs on...

Recording in Linux

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Have you decided to dump Windows? Nice move, but what now? Come to the dark side.

Herbs and Spices (Concept Album 10-15 May 2017)

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So.... what goes around, comes around... this year's concept album in 3 days takes the theme of "Herbs and Spices". We've written nothing, and will be posting up songs, tracks, noodles, chanting and the usual off-beam stuff between 10-1...

Urban Music

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Whether you are an artist, producer or just a fan of the urban genres this is the place to be!!

Renoise Users

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For all using Renoise as their main or secondary DAW. Trading xrns and xrni files, tips and tricks plus more.

Beats Outta Denmark

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For Danish Beatmakers and people worldwide who need beats

50 Pounds Of Music

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I recently read a very interesting book: With a very interesting experiment/story: Across the ...

10 Year Anniversary Jam

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Group for Doc's Kompoz 10 year anniversary jam.