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Groups are communities and conversations around music and music-related topics. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.

Sing Me a Story Private Group

15 members

Different from the Sing Me A Story regular group, this is a private group meant for active members of the project to discuss without flooding the chat of the other group too much.    For other purposes, you can visit the other group here:  www.kompo...

The Dolente Group - Playing with Pain

1 members

A place where musicians can share their experiences with injuries due to their instrument including vocals. We can share and prevent.

Tales from the Cronx

4 members

A Toddypops and MancyHipster production


3 members

This group is for Australian Hip Hop Producers and Emcee's

Irish Traditional Music (tunes)

16 members

There are literally *thousands* of wonderful old tunes that are often collectively referred to as  Irish Traditional Music but would perhaps be better called "Celtic" (Ireland, Scotland, Novia Scotia, Brittany, Wales etc.) This group is for mu...

The Holy Grail

23 members

A group for Guitarist to share and learn from each other about Guitar Tone and how us " Dime a Dozen " guys fit in a mix.

PG Retreat Group

2 members

A place for us to hang out and share song ideas.

Icarus Machine

4 members

Icarus Machine is: sriracha JennyK srhangover   We've just released our first album, "This Sundered World" all of which was developed and produced using and dropbox.   You can find the release on iTunes, Google Play and Am...


7 members

Showcase photos and videos of your studio.     "The most potent muse of all is our own inner child" Stephen Nachmanovitch    

Singer lyric writers hut

7 members

A place for those who love to sing and make up the words that fit the song.

Vocal Recording - Tips and Techniques

81 members

This forum is for vocalists and vocal mixers to discuss recording tips and techniques.   Vocal music theory, recording, gear, mixing techniques are the topics here. Newcomers are welcome. We are here to exchange tips and tricks. I myself can't co...

X's Y o'Z/XYZ

2 members

An online VR jam band dedicated to honoring the great musicians both within and through out the world. Welcome to XYZ, or the beginning of the End :) - a good time to use that Royal Flush you're hiding.   Join the band, whether you're a Mugen...

Improv and Avant Garde

26 members

If you like to make it up as you go, this is the place for you. No arrangements unless it's coming from head to fingers. No simple melodies.  Let's make it complex.   Also, let's try to make it publishable. Nothing so experimental that...


12 members

I started this group as a way to share my taste of music, and artists that are surprisingly unknown to people. I share because I am reminded of the first time I had the opportunity to listen, and experience these catchy songs, and  how it challenged ...

Famous people concept album 2016

8 members

Every year me and @rolf meet up in real life to concept, write, record and finish off a 6 or 7 track concept album in just a few days. For 2016 this will take place on 20, 21, 22 April. so from about 3pm on the 20th we'll start posting up track...

Custom Building Windows-based DAW's

4 members

A brand new group to help those who want to build their own Windows-based DAW. Take advantage of the knowledge of those who have done this.

Drum Circle International

7 members

I have noticed that this site hosts a number of fantastic drummers but provide little opportunity to showcase them.  Therefore, this is (virtually) an "International Drum Circle" as a forum for such outlet.  It is not limited to drummers, as I ...

Song technician coalition

4 members

Looking for a group of talented song writers and artists to be able to make various kinds of genres of music I write all kinds of different music need like minded individuals

Middle Eastern Music Lover's Group

18 members

As the name suggests this is a place for those who love Middle Eastern sounds and for those wanting to learn more about it. An opportunity to swap thoughts, learn about Phrygian and Persian scales and hopefully instruments that to all intents and purpo...

Sing Me A Story Foundation's Collaboration Group

73 members

Song Me a Story is a non-profit foundation who's mission is to bring the voices of children in need to the world -- through music.   Children who are facing illness and battling diseases are getting their stories of survival turned into a song, th...

Johnny Watermelons Collaboration Challenge

39 members

Johnny Watermelons Challenge began on March 1st 2016 and is ongoing. Jump in!     What is this Challenge you ask? Its an assignment meant to stretch your reach, broaden your talent and inspire you, while you engage with others on the same quest. It&#...

Analog(ish) Synth Sound Design

17 members

A group for analog synth sound design, to discuss the topic in generalized terms that anyone with a few oscillators, filters, and envelopes could participate in.  A group focused not on the specifics of a narrow set of hardware but on the techniques ne...

Ambient, Melodic and Atmospheric collaborations

47 members

A group for all those who love producing/writing experimental, melodic and atmospheric tracks - especially if looking to collaborate. Feel free to post your tracks into the group for others to listen to and (hopefully) sign up for collaboration - but P...

UAD2 Powered Plugins Group

5 members

UAD2 Powered Plugins (Discussion Group)