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Mat Big Online Gathering

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So, I'm using this as a basis / starting point to invite people to and start chatting to them through this website. The basic idea is to get together some kind of "virtual online bands" with regular ideas of songs and recordings rather than...

Duel Dynasty

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will this make shit easier?

SHEEP! 2015 concept album project

12 members

Concept album: collaborators wanted... May 21, and May 22 Every year I meet up with Rolf (Neil Wilson) for a few days and record new songs, compositions. so we're looking for any collaborators to help us. We write and record as we go along, and t...

Mixdown Showdown

51 members

Want to find out if your mixing skills are ready for prime time or show off your engineering skills? Want to experiment with production ideas or see how a song can be mixed in many different ways? Want a collaborative mixing environment to share or i...

432Hz (Pythagorean) tuning.

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Harmoniq Beatz

19 members

Group for hip-hop and trap beatz And rap/hip hop type tracks and projects!


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Simple group that follows m-audio products, tips, question, prices, glitches, and anything m-audio or AVID related!


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This is a group for people who want to join my fiys collab project (or have already joined) or are interested in what's currently going on with the project. With fiys my aim is to find and then work together with some of the best producers, singers...

Music Influences

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In our profiles, under Influences, we can name a few of our own influences. I thought we could post and share the songs/artists that influence us here. We might get inspired by other peoples inspirations.

From Death To Angels

10 members

My online band. We have a singer, guitar franc, and me on electric guitar/bass jessie, We play rock, hard rock, pop, metal, and grunge! Follow us on our Facebook page    

Late Night Jams

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For those of you on this site, who like me, are up very late (12am to whenever) we can all congregate here and help each other with projects in the midnight hours. Feel free to post any projects you need assistance with.

Free Culture Kompozers

17 members

One of the best reasons to collaborate on is to immerse yourself in "Remix Culture". Do you like creating seed ideas that grow into strange and beautiful projects and are taken in directions that you never would have done on your ow...


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This is a discussion group on microphone tube preamps and the various vacuum tubes available for modification or upgrading your existing preamp(s).  This is only for MICROPHONE preamps/vacuum tubes, NOT instrument amps.  So those of you that have exper...

Space Punk

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What is Space Punk anyway? 

What's Your Set Up?

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You know you wanna tell us about your badass setup. What good is a 1979 smokey gray American made Fender Strat if you can't tell everyone you have it? How about that mass of technologically you have in your studio? And while your at it, say hello....

Christian Songwriters

100 members

This is a place for Christian writers, composers and musicians to more easily find each other. It's not meant to be exclusive at all - and we write more than church music. The goal of this group is just (like any other genre or subject) to help you...

Virtual Instruments and Plug-ins

199 members

Discovered a hot new VI?  Have a fav go-to plugin effect you like to use?  Have questions on using VI's or plugins?  Having issues getting a VI or plugin to work in your DAW?  Well, this is the place to ask or share all that!  Open to all, this for...

Liverpool - Rock the Dock - Group

6 members

A group set up for the attendees of the meet up in Liverpool on 24th August 2014. A place for pictures, videos, songs, ideas, chit-chat and other stuff too.  Other members welcome to check out what we got up to!

Music Theory and Harmony

178 members

A group dedicated to helping understand and learn about music harmony and the theory behind it. If you have a question about how things work in musical harmony, etc. post here and hopefully between us all we can understand and learn from the question ...

Collaboration Do's and Don'ts

119 members

Share your tips and tricks in the collaboration arena. Ask for best practices from the folks that have been doing it for a long time. And, if you are not a noobie, give the new guy a hand up.

Yahn's Worldtual Fusion Band

4 members

I will like to make an album with musicans here on Kompoz. I will release it on a download/streaming site on the internet. It,s no money in this so its just for fun.Everybody will ofcourse be credited. collaborations/song candidates: 1.Soy Yahn ( soo...

B-Sides and Basement Tapes

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This group is for everyone who loves seeing the evolution of musicians.  If you love hearing early demos of songs and rough cuts, then join and post them here. If you find inspiration in unpolished, raw song elements, this is the place for you. Many ...

Crate Diggers and Vintage Music

39 members

Hello World, This group is for musicians and producers dedicated to vintage sounds and melodies from the 60s, 70s and 80s genres, such as classic soul, old school funk, motown, fusion, retro, classic rock and film scores to name a few.  

Oldies but Goodies

25 members

A group dedicated to Kompoz 1.0 veterans who miss that small town feel that was here a while back. Especially for members that like to support one another's work, and have fun by leaving long and humorous track commentaries, occasionally with photo...