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Groups are communities and conversations around music and music-related topics. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.

Gig Bag Radio Show

69 members

The Gig Bag Radio Show is an internet radio station Ladywoo and myself are running which features indie/unsigned artists only.  The purpose is to basically have a bit of fun, as well as showcase some of the awesome talent at and beyond. fin...

Studio One Users

67 members

A place to share info on Studio One.

ableton live users

57 members

this is the place Live users

Sonar Users

55 members

Share your tips and techniques, ask for help, and discuss your experiences with Cakewalk Sonar products. Seriousness is allowed, but a sense of humor is encouraged.


53 members

Reason, as if you needed one.

Mixdown Showdown

49 members

Want to find out if your mixing skills are ready for prime time or show off your engineering skills? Want to experiment with production ideas or see how a song can be mixed in many different ways? Want a collaborative mixing environment to share or i...

Sax Players

44 members

This group is for all sax players of all skill levels.  Discuss playing techniques, Kompzing and recording, sax set-ups etc. And of course the life long pursuit for the perfect mouthpiece!

Ambient, Melodic and Atmospheric collaborations

44 members

A group for all those who love producing/writing experimental, melodic and atmospheric tracks - especially if looking to collaborate. Feel free to post your tracks into the group for others to listen to and (hopefully) sign up for collaboration - but P...

Pro Tools

42 members

Discussion area for Pro Tools Users

Crate Diggers and Vintage Music

39 members

Hello World, This group is for musicians and producers dedicated to vintage sounds and melodies from the 60s, 70s and 80s genres, such as classic soul, old school funk, motown, fusion, retro, classic rock and film scores to name a few.  

Johnny Watermelons Collaboration Challenge

38 members

Johnny Watermelons Challenge began on March 1st 2016 and is ongoing. Jump in!     What is this Challenge you ask? Its an assignment meant to stretch your reach, broaden your talent and inspire you, while you engage with others on the same quest. It&#...

Electronic Dance Music

37 members

For anyone and everyone looking to bring the house down! Any questions about EDM are welcome. If you are just starting out, or want some inspiration to get those juices flowing, it wouldn't be a problem to help.  

Kompoz Mentors

36 members

We were all new to Kompoz once. Let's see what we can do to help out the newcomers.Thoughts? Ideas? 

Indian Music Lovers

32 members

Lovers of indian music, raags and taals ...  (Learners are the best lovers)

Kompozers Brazucas!

28 members

Brazilian Kompoz Community User Group.  Grupo da comunidade Kompoz brasileira.

Winter '19 Kompoz-A-Thon

27 members

The goal of the "Kompoz-A-Thon" is simple: to provide those like me - devoted Kompozers who can't get enough of this site - something extra. ;)   At the start (Sunday) of each week there will be an event/challenge/collaboration that will ...

Metal Collaborations

27 members

Just to make it easier to find each other!

10 Year Anniversary Jam

26 members

Group for Doc's Kompoz 10 year anniversary jam.

Oldies but Goodies

25 members

A group dedicated to Kompoz 1.0 veterans who miss that small town feel that was here a while back. Especially for members that like to support one another's work, and have fun by leaving long and humorous track commentaries, occasionally with photo...

Improv and Avant Garde

25 members

If you like to make it up as you go, this is the place for you. No arrangements unless it's coming from head to fingers. No simple melodies.  Let's make it complex.   Also, let's try to make it publishable. Nothing so experimental that...

Izotope user group.

24 members

A place to share info on izotope products.

The Holy Grail

23 members

A group for Guitarist to share and learn from each other about Guitar Tone and how us " Dime a Dozen " guys fit in a mix.

Music Influences

22 members

In our profiles, under Influences, we can name a few of our own influences. I thought we could post and share the songs/artists that influence us here. We might get inspired by other peoples inspirations.

Young Kompozers

22 members

Being surrounded by experienced pros in the music biz can be overwhelming at times . . .    Here's a group for all the up-and-comers. Feel free to define what "young" means ;)   Just a place for all of us to communicate and share our ex...