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Groups are communities and conversations around music and music-related topics. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.

B-Sides and Basement Tapes

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This group is for everyone who loves seeing the evolution of musicians.  If you love hearing early demos of songs and rough cuts, then join and post them here. If you find inspiration in unpolished, raw song elements, this is the place for you. Many ...

You Choose

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Kompoz is more than just a web site or a database - it is a community - at least it should be. Likes, play counts, endorsements and such used to have more meaning here, but they don't seem to be very important to most members any more. This group ...

The Lonely and Forsaken Composers' Society

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Here is the place for composers who feel lonely and forsaken.  You can make your beautiful monuments from elevator music to metal with bad breath!  Here you can feel sorry for yourself, and dream of former glory! If you presumably would feel happy and...

Free Culture Kompozers

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One of the best reasons to collaborate on is to immerse yourself in "Remix Culture". Do you like creating seed ideas that grow into strange and beautiful projects and are taken in directions that you never would have done on your ow...

Analog(ish) Synth Sound Design

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A group for analog synth sound design, to discuss the topic in generalized terms that anyone with a few oscillators, filters, and envelopes could participate in.  A group focused not on the specifics of a narrow set of hardware but on the techniques ne...


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Simple group that follows m-audio products, tips, question, prices, glitches, and anything m-audio or AVID related!

Sing Me a Story Private Group

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Different from the Sing Me A Story regular group, this is a private group meant for active members of the project to discuss without flooding the chat of the other group too much.    For other purposes, you can visit the other group here:  www.kompo...

Commercial Music Production

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A group for people trying to get a little more insight on what makes a commercially successful record or perhaps for someone who has a little insight on commercial success themselves.

Harmoniq Beatz

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Group for hip-hop and trap beatz And rap/hip hop type tracks and projects!

SHEEP! 2015 concept album project

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Concept album: collaborators wanted... May 21, and May 22 Every year I meet up with Rolf (Neil Wilson) for a few days and record new songs, compositions. so we're looking for any collaborators to help us. We write and record as we go along, and t...

Middle Eastern Music Lover's Group

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As the name suggests this is a place for those who love Middle Eastern sounds and for those wanting to learn more about it. An opportunity to swap thoughts, learn about Phrygian and Persian scales and hopefully instruments that to all intents and purpo...

Irish Traditional Music (tunes)

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There are literally *thousands* of wonderful old tunes that are often collectively referred to as  Irish Traditional Music but would perhaps be better called "Celtic" (Ireland, Scotland, Novia Scotia, Brittany, Wales etc.) This group is for mu...


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I started this group as a way to share my taste of music, and artists that are surprisingly unknown to people. I share because I am reminded of the first time I had the opportunity to listen, and experience these catchy songs, and  how it challenged ...


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                                  There are no current plans for a 2018 Summer Jam in Lake Tahoe, if you have any interest in attending a week long summer jam you can leave a comment here.  It is possible an event could be organized this year but with...

Space Punk

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What is Space Punk anyway? 

From Death To Angels

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My online band. We have a singer, guitar franc, and me on electric guitar/bass jessie, We play rock, hard rock, pop, metal, and grunge! Follow us on our Facebook page    


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This is a list of tracks that have been sitting around for a long time , without any attention , AND need lyrics and / or Vocals ,  Starting off this list will be one found by  JODEENSHEAD called SO SKILLFUL  ?  by HARPLINE      https://www.kompoz....

Late Night Jams

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For those of you on this site, who like me, are up very late (12am to whenever) we can all congregate here and help each other with projects in the midnight hours. Feel free to post any projects you need assistance with.

Recording in Linux

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Have you decided to dump Windows? Nice move, but what now? Come to the dark side.

Podcasting. A voice, a beat, a story.

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Podcasts, internet radio, audio books. We've all heard them in some form or another, but how is it done and why. Ideas, recommendations, production advice. Anything about spoken word and all that goes with it. Shameless promos welcomed.


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This is a discussion group on microphone tube preamps and the various vacuum tubes available for modification or upgrading your existing preamp(s).  This is only for MICROPHONE preamps/vacuum tubes, NOT instrument amps.  So those of you that have exper...

One World Youth Arts Project

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This group was created to keep the community free of flame wars and aggressiveness. We just say "lets take it outside" This group is Outside.   Wanna fight? Come at me bro.    One rule: Original Songs only. No comments.

Wicked Lizard

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Wicked Lizard's Band Page!