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Top ten KTown songs

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i think if we have people post what they think are the best-liked songs we can create a poll for the songs that go on the KTown YouTube channel.   any ides, welcomed

The Dolente Group - Playing with Pain

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A place where musicians can share their experiences with injuries due to their instrument including vocals. We can share and prevent.

Renoise Users

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For all using Renoise as their main or secondary DAW. Trading xrns and xrni files, tips and tricks plus more.

Ahya Alberto

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I like to compose music similar to that made up of the haya band. I am looking for collaborators who share the same passion for the music of inner Mongolia, the tuva republic. The songs are music made in adoration of the amthaba bhudda and are songs on...

The Department of redundancy department

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This group. this group... is for those people that can not and I repeat can not make up their mind. This group. this group... is for those people that can not and I repeat can not make up their mind.If you are a little off, off of your thoughts, this i...

Audio Players - The Making Of

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Please share audio players you have made in html and how you may have changed the characteristics and especially, how you hooked up your tracks to the player and how they are hosted. Individual tutes would be great.


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Looking to recruit members for a second album. First one was released under the name Graffito and is available for free here:   I'd love another multi-instrumentalist and someone with similar influences. I would be o...

AuDio plAYer

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Audio Player is for the discussion of building your website audio players to showcase tunes.  

Musical Debate Team

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Musicians are not, by and large, a reticent bunch. We tend to freely speak our minds, on almost any subject, except perhaps the quality of our own music. This group is to be used for the discussion of topics within the world of music, song production, ...

Dub & Reggae

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Welcome all lovers of Reggae, Dub and Ska.  There seem to be a lot of us on Kompoz, so I started this little community.  Let's hear your tunes!