What is a sep, mix, idea, and archived track?

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Sep A Sep (separate) is an individual audio track (e.g., Guitar Solo, Vocal Track, Bass, etc).
Mix A mix is created by combining two or more Seps to produce a new audio file. The mix can be a final mix, a scratch (or idea) mix, or a re-mix.
Idea When new files are uploaded to a collaboration, they are listed as ideas. This is a special status given to these files, to differentiate them from other tracks that have been reviewed and accepted by the collaboration owner. Once approved, idea tracks become regular collaboration tracks, and the contributor becomes part of the collaboration. If an idea track is instead archived, it means that the track is not approved as part of the official workstream for that collaboration, but might be useful in a spin-off or derivative work. Archiving a track is a nice way to acknowledging the contribution without dismissing it entirely (as would be the case in simply deleting it.)
Archived Idea tracks that are not used as part of the final collaboration are typically archived, which moves them to a different folder/status without actually deleting the tracks.

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