Do I own my finished work?

First, Kompoz has no ownership interest in any song.

The ownership of a song is determined by the artist. Specifically, when an artist creates a project he/she selects one of eight Creative Commons or traditional copyright licenses to govern the project. All contributions are bound by this license.

When the song is completed, the project owner can choose to Submit to Soundblend, our site for music sales.

This initiates an electronic workflow.  The owner proposes what economic interest (splits) each collaborator will receive for their contribution as well as pricing. If each collaborator agrees, the song will be listed for sale and Kompoz will manage the splits (for SoundBlend revenue).  If the collaborators don't agree, the project owner can i/propose different splits, or ii/ remove one or more collaborator(s) or iii/ not publish the song.

This agreement covers revenue earned on all sales.

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