Getting Started

Quick Start Kompoz in 90 seconds (explainer video) Glossary and Lingo Choosing a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software Connecting an instrument or microphone to your computer

Top 5 Lists

Top 5 things every new user needs to know Top 5 ways to find a song to work on Top 5 ways to attract collaborators to your projects Top 5 Kompoz productivity tips Top 5 benefits of upgrading to a paid plan Top 5 DAWs used at Kompoz

Joining an Existing Collaboration

Protocol and Etiquette Downloading the tracks Recording and adding sync tones Uploading your idea I've contributed to a collaboration. What happens next?

Starting Your Own Collaboration

Things you need before you start Song ownership and choosing the right license Creating a new collaboration Adding a sync tone to your tracks Inviting other artists to your collaboration

Tips and Tricks

Sharing tracks on the Kompoz Community page Adding featured tracks to your Kompoz profile page How to change the license of my collaboration