Here's how to create music online:

A. Work on someone else's song:

  1. Find a song to work on. Check this out.
  2. Upload a few bars of your idea.
  3. Message the song's creator to see what he/she thinks.


B. Create your own song:

  1. When you have a song idea ready, select "Start New Collaboration" button.  Follow the steps of writing a Creative Brief, indicate Talents Needed, etc.  You will be asked to upload your basic idea. 
  2. Invite artists then join in. Usually they will download the tracks into their own favorite audio editors, and record their own ideas as new tracks and upload their ideas to the project. (They will use their favorite audio editing software to record their idea.  It might be, for example, a guitar track, or a vocal melody, or a bass line.  The sky is the limit.)
  3. Manage the inputs by communicating with artists.
  4. When the collaborators finished, it can be published for sale.

Important Concepts

  1. Recording and Mixing happens offline, using your favorite audio editor (e.g., GarageBand, Pro Tools, REAPER, etc).
  2. Individual instrument tracks are uploaded to Kompoz so that others can download and add to them or use them as a guide.
  3. Contributions added by other Kompoz members are added as "Idea Tracks" until they are either accepted or archived by the collaboration owner.
  4. When an idea track is accepted into the collaboration, the contributor is added as a participant in the collaboration.


Our findings (after 40,000+ new songs created on Kompoz) show that online collaborations are most successful when people can work offline, on their own time.  Most songs on Kompoz develop over a few days, and sometimes over several weeks.    Those new tracks will then be uploaded as ideas to the original collaboration workspace on Kompoz.  This process continues until the song is finished.

What You'll Need

You'll need a computer or laptop, and a way to record audio.  There are many audio editing software packages (also known as Digital Audio Workstations, or DAWs) available.  Popular choices are GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic, and REAPER.  You'll also need an audio interface, which allows you to connect your microphone or musical instrument (guitar, bass, etc) to your computer.  Again, there are many choices.  For more information, check out these help topics:

  1. Choosing a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  2. Connecting to Your Computer