Glossary and Lingo

Bounce The bounce recording technique (also called ping-ponging or "bouncing" tracks, and reduction mixing) is used in sound recording, to condense program material by dubbing multiple parts to just one or two tracks, allowing more room for overdubbing or to simplify mixdowns.
DAW DAW is an acronym for Digital Audio Workstation.  A DAW can be either a software package or a physical electronic device for recording, mixing, and producing audio files.  Popular software includes Pro Tools, Apple Logic, GarageBand, REAPER, Audacity, Cakewalk SONAR, and many others.
Idea Track When new files are uploaded to a collaboration, they are listed as ideas. This is a special status given to these files, to differentiate them from other tracks that have been reviewed and accepted by the collaboration owner. Once approved, idea tracks become regular collaboration tracks, and the contributor becomes part of the collaboration. If an idea track is instead archived, it means that the track is not approved as part of the official workstream for that collaboration, but might be useful in a spin-off or derivative work. Archiving a track is a nice way to acknowledging the contribution without dismissing it entirely (as would be the case in simply deleting it.)
Mix A mix is created by combining two or more Seps to produce a new audio file. The mix can be a final mix, a scratch (or idea) mix, or a re-mix.
Private Collaboration On Kompoz, a private collaboration does not appear in any lists or search results. They are designed for collaborating privately, with a small group of select Kompoz members. Users must be explicitly added to the collaboration (by the collaboration owner) in order to have access to the files and content.
Public Collaboration On Kompoz, a public collaboration is visible to all Kompoz members. Anyone can contribute to a public collaboration, although new files uploaded are added as idea tracks until the collaboration administrator (typically the owner) formally accepts the tracks.
Sep A sep (separate) is an individual audio track (e.g., Guitar Solo, Vocal Track, Bass, etc).
Spin-Off A Spin-off collaboration is a derivative work, created by copying all of the tracks from one collaboration and starting a new collaboration. Spin-offs are popular on Kompoz for creating alternative versions of a song. For example, a member might want to create a Reggae version of a Folk song. Or a member might want to change the lyrics of a song. The possibilities are endless. Not all collaborations allow for spin-offs. It is up to the original collaboration owner to decide if the spin-off button is enabled for his/her project. If it is enabled, a spin-off will be permanently linked to the original project, and the contributors to the first will be added to the second automatically.
Sync Tone A Sync Tone is a beep, click, or other short audio pattern at the beginning of each of the Sep tracks you download at Kompoz. The sync tone acts as a sort of audible marker that can be used to align the tracks. It's a guide added by the collaboration owner or other participants to help you when you're importing the tracks into your DAW. There is no magic here, and the DAW does not know anything about sync tones. It's your job to align the tracks, and the sync tones are simply a Kompoz convention that makes your job easier. All you need to do is look at the tracks in your DAW and drag them left or right so that the sync tones align.