Top 5 ways to attract collaborators to your projects

1. Get active in the Community

Endorse other artists, 'like' songs, comment on the Community Page, complete your profile. Post comments on other collaborations (be kind and constructive) .

2. Jump on someone else's song.

This is by far the most important step. We suggest jumping on a new song of a Plus/Premium/Pro member. By doing so, you will meet other possible collaborators and see how someone else manages a project.  This tip is based on maxim "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." Quid pro quo. Tit for tat. It works.

3. Get your collaboration ready.

Include Album Art to attract eyeballs. Eye-candy works. Complete the Creative Brief.  Include a Mix track, even if it's a rough track or concept. If you are a songwriter, upload a lyric document. Make sure you include sync tones. Adding sync tones makes it much easier for others to work with your tracks, and thereby increases the likelihood that others will participate.

4. Invite other artists.

Send a Private Message to members whom you want to work on your collaboration. Establish a friendship by proactively reaching out. Be kind and undemanding.  Here's a well kept secret: every day, more musicians join Kompoz.  They want to collaborate.  Look through the list and reach out to one or more new members.

5. Promote your song.

Post a track in the Community Page, and invite others to join in.