Top 5 Kompoz productivity tips

1. Add To List

thumbtack icon You can create mutiple lists and keep track of the collaborations you find. This is similar to the idea of creating bookmarks in your browser. Look for the thumbtack icon next to every collaboration. Click it to add the collaboration to one or more lists.

2. Saved Search

From the collaborations page, you can create custom search query using the drop-down lists, and then save each search. For example, you might want to create a search for Blues collaborations that need a bass player, and save it.

Then you can access that saved search at any time using the    icon that appears in the main toolbar.

3. Recently Visited and Followed Collaborations

Kompoz will remember the last 30 collaborations you visited. This is a great for those times when you want to quickly navigate back to collaborations you've recently viewed. You can access the list easily by clicking the    icon in the main toolbar. You also have the option to click the Follow button on any collaboration, which will provide you with notifications as updates and comments are made.

4. Batch upload with Kompoz Konnect

Kompoz Konnect is our desktop application for Windows and Mac. It allows you to quickly download files into a Kompoz folder on your desktop. It also allows you to batch upload files into a collaboration. This is faster and more reliable than using the browser-based upload feature.

5. Activity Stream

Keep an eye on the Activity Stream page. You'll find the latest uploads, comments, and new collaborations. This is a great way to keep a pulse of the activity on Kompoz.