Top 5 benefits of upgrading to a paid plan

1. Upload high-quality uncompressed audio files.

As a free member you can upload MP3 files up to 20 MB each. By upgrading to any of our paid plans you will be able to upload high-quality uncompressed WAV, AIF, and FLAC files, each up to 200 MB. You'll also be able to upload OGG and WMA files. For serious collaborations, it's critical to work with uncompressed or lossless file formats (such as WAV and AIF), especially when you start layering them into mixes, adding effects, and creating bounce tracks.

2. Create more public and private collaborations.

As a free member you can join as many projects as you'd like. However, you're limited to a total of three collaborations of your own.  Plus members can create 25 public collaborations and 10 more private collaborations per year.  Pro members can create an unlimited number of collaborations. Check out our subscription plans for more details.

3. Get a badge on your profile page.

We'll add a PLUS, PREMIER or PRO badge to your profile. While this might sound trivial at first, it's actually very helpful when searching for collaborators. The badge shows that you're serious about music production. Here’s why: when someone considers contributing to your collaboration (which is a big investment in time and energy), they will wonder if you are going to invest the time to see the project through. The Kompoz badge shows that you're committed to your projects.

4. Create your own public or private user groups.

Plus, Premier, and PRO members can create their own user groups. Private User Groups are a great way to work with your band, and create your own virtual community with Kompoz.

5. Earn more on SoundBlend sales.

Free members keep 70% of sales made through SoundBlend. Plus members keep 80%, and Premier and Pro members keep 90% of every dollar. Kompoz will keep track of the revenue splits per artist on each collaboration, based on the digital seller agreements you create.