Adding a sync tone to your tracks

As a creator of a project, you absolutely want to include a sync tone. Many artists on Kompoz simply won't collaborate on projects without them.

Starting a New Collaboration

  1. If you are starting a new song, the simplest way to create a sync tone is to start by recording a few unique notes or a simple count in on the first track you lay down in your DAW.
  2. Record all other tracks.
  3. When you upload the tracks to Kompoz, simply include the the distinct sound or count in on all tracks.

You Have a Song with No Sync Tones

Before you upload to Kompoz, add a sync tone to your tracks. Then when you upload your tracks, other collaborators will be able to align their tracks with yours.

  1. Start by either recording a unique sound or downloading a sync tone from and drag it into your project.
  2. Slide the sync tone to the beginning of its track. (As a practice, you might want to make the sync tone the first track in your DAW project.)
  3. Highlight and slide all your tracks (together) so that the first note occurs after the sync tone. 
  4. Simply mute all tracks except two: the sync tone and the first track or instrument. Export/bounce those together. They will be saved in whatever folder you have designated on your DAW.

Repeat for all tracks.

Now, go to Kompoz, create a new project and when prompted, upload these tracks. They will be easy for you to align, and for fellow collaborators to align to.

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