How to change the license of my collaboration

When you first create your collaboration, you're asked to choose a license. The license defines how others can use your song, and how they can build upon it. We offer 6 different Creative Commons licenses, a Public Domain license, or you can choose an All Rights Reserved license.

You can change the license after the collaboration is created, however, there are a few things to bear in mind.

First, if other artists have contributed to your collaboration, and you decide subsequently to change the license, then the other artists must agree to the license change. The reason for this is that the other artists agreed to contribute their work under the original license. As an example, let's say that original license was All Rights Reserved. Let's also assume that you want to change it to Public Domain. It's conceivable that the other artists might not have contributed to your project under that new proposed license.

The other thing to keep in mind is that a license is not revocable. You cannot change a license and then expect to enforce the new license upon people who fairly downloaded and used your work under the original license. Let's use an example. Let's assume that your collaboration was originally licensed as Creative Commons Attribution. It was later downloaded and used in a film, properly abiding by the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license. A few months later you decide to change the license to All Rights Reserved. In this case, the original Creative Commons License still applies to the use within the film. You cannot revoke that. However, any new downloads and uses of your work will be subject to the new license.

Kompoz will keep a history of any license changes, and display the history on the collaboration dashboard page. Kompoz will also track license change agreements submitted by each of the collaboration participants.