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HOUSE OF IMP Podcast, featuring the music of Kompoz, hosted by sriracha

HOUSE OF IMP Podcast, featuring the music of Kompoz

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liljoe6string   commented 4yr+2mo ago

brill! thnkx 4 covering Ghost.. was a blast to hook up with these guyz~~ ps that radio voice!! DAAAAAMMMMN!!!


EdSilva   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Amazing radio voices of Sri, Jenny, and Roger. I have spoken to Sri and Roger in the past and their voices sounded pretty good on the phone, but here it sounds undiscernable from a fully produced, all-out professional podcast. Two thumbs up! This is the first time I hear Jenny speak, although I have heard countless of her songs. Very humbled to have participated in this project. These were all top notch collaborators that helped create a great song out of what otherwise would've just been yet another one of my ideas sitting idle and collecting dust under a heap of others that preceded it.

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Moonrunner   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Hey Bill, not only are you a fantastic musician, you have the radio voice too! :)

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sriracha   commented 3yr+3mo ago

lol, thanks. This place makes you hone your craft, no doubt about it. There's so many excellent players - I just try and keep up. We gotta do a new one of these...

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Moonrunner   commented 3 years ago

Yes, you should! I want to do some podcasts oneday and wish I had your voice! :)