If I'm Being Honest Alternative Country

Released June 12, 2021

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Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")
Gowen MI USA
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Words and Music

Sound Recording

Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")
Gowen MI USA
Other releases
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mixing and Mastering
Pete Midipunk ("Midipunk")
Northern Kentucky USA
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Murphy Murzello ("rockq")
Brampton Ontario Canada
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E R ("Banjopicker")
Boston MA USA
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Pedal Steel Guitar
Artist's Notes

Do you ever really regret getting drunk at the bar when you wake up the next morning?


If I?m Being Honest

Words and Music 2021 by Brent Godfrey

Verse 1:

If I?m Being Honest think you might be lying to me

The truth is out there somewhere Love is blind and I?m crazy

Verse 2:

If I?m Being Honest I?m feeling a little stoned

Think I might be better off if I went home alone

Verse 3:

If I?m Being Honest I Can?t Remember Your Name

Some say I live to fast and I should be ashamed

Verse 4:

If I?m being hones You looked better when I was drunk

Now that I?ve Sobered up I wonder what the fuck


That?s the way it is my dear Our times about too end

Don?t want to see you anymore not even as a friend.

Time for you to go on home and get the hell out of my bed