I Miss You My Dear This Christmas Trad Jazz

Released December 12, 2009


Sound Recording

Joe Dorsey ("dorseytunes")
Clearfiled UT USA
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Songwriter, Guitar, and Vocals
Pascal Lopez ("Pascaloubien")
Paris France
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Rick Berls ("RB")
Philadelpha PA USA
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Drums and Mixing
Ron __ ("Bottom_End")
Oklahoma USA
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Upright Bass
Pete G ("PG")
Oakland California USA
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Artist's Notes

I miss you my dear this Christmas
I miss you most of all
The lights on the tree mean nothing to me
Compared when you come to call

I miss you my dear this Christmas
I long to have you near
The fire?s aglow but one thing I know
I need you for Christmas this year

The children sing and winter brings
A snowy lullabye
When I dream I dream of you
In my arms so tight