The Future Is Now Metal

Released June 2, 2011


Sound Recording

Danno Groove ("DannoGroove")
Pleasant Hill CA USA
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Dan Walker-Bass & Lead Guitar
mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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Mike Patterson-Vocals
Andy Orriell ("andyorriell")
Warrington Cheshire United Kingdom
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Andy Orriell-Guitars & Keys
Craig Steen ("CraigSteen")
London London United Kingdom
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Craig Steen-Drums
Artist's Notes

When I'm away, the borrowed time weighs down on my mind
the debt isn't paid and I know
that each move forward never can rewind
So another day spent working while another chance goes by
When I'm away it's all so clear
The future is now

It's a waste to just dwell upon yesterday
There's a present that you'd better get opening
Get into it or it doesn't matter anyway
The past is fading away, the future is now

Sometimes it feels like I'm stretching for something
out of reach
Things are done for tomorrow
the guidebook followed, just as we are told
Soon it's revealed, I've been spinning my wheels
Wasting time

We got it made
each sunrise another chance to seize the day
It's only my own fault
if these days are wasted for whatever excuse I'd make
It's an open road
and the others we meet help to share the load
Now I can see it's all about today,
The future is now!