River Town Adult Alternative

Released June 2, 2011


Sound Recording

Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")
Monroe LA USA
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Guitars, Vocals, Production
Mark Miller ("markmiller")
Rochester NY USA
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Acoustic Drums
Rob Glass ("RGBass")
Vancouver BC Canada
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Electric Bass
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Artist's Notes

I left home
back in '68
swore I'd come back
but now it's much too late

the water is rising
against the dawn
and pretty soon
it will all be gone

river town

once there were farms
surrounding the town
a main square and a statue
and happy sounds

but the Mississippi
is merciless
and wipes away
all that she has blessed

river town
you're falling down

my neighbors were good people
went to church every Sunday
praising the Lord
but they didn't know one day

the floods would come
no matter how they prayed
and that all their prayers
would be washed away

river town
you're falling down

a place on earth
of love and peace
but the muddy blood
it will not cease

the will of God
overwhelms us all
and in the end
we all are so small