Blues in D Chicago Blues

Released July 10, 2011


Sound Recording

Steve Swellander ("sswellan")
San Antonio Texas USA
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Music, lyrics, vocal and guitar
Mark Miller ("markmiller")
Rochester NY USA
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Pat Felitti ("patjazz")
New York NY USA
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Piano and bass
Artist's Notes

Blues in D
Words and music copyright 1998 by Steve Swellander

Baby, you got my heart unloosed,
I think you?ve cooked my goose.
What can I do without you?
Baby, you got my dogs unleashed,
Don?t hold me at bay, baby please,
Don?t leave me howlin? at the moon.

Baby I used to fantasize;
Never thought I?d catch your eye;
You smiled at me, my blood ran hot,
Baby, is it true?

Darlin? don?t lead me down a road,
Don?t make these empty hopes,
I?ve been wantin? you for so long.
Baby, you got my pride all shot,
You got me burnin? hot,
Every time I dream of you.

Baby level with me;
Clarify your signals please
I'm carrying a heavy load
And I?m set to explode