Talking In Circles Pop/Rock

Released September 9, 2011


Sound Recording

Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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composition, production, mix/master, rhythm guitar, middle lead guitar, keys
Miami FL USA
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NE MONTY ("nemonty")
Shangri La USA
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tenor sax solo
Raul Del Valle ("rauldv")
Miami FL USA
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bass guitar
Chuck Mac ("ChuckMac")
Portland ME USA
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D Leted ("DeadZephyr")
United Kingdom
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vocals, lyrics, guitar solos on intro and outro
Artist's Notes

Talking In Circles
Lyrics: BullZephyr

Verse 1
Just sometimes you know
I feel like jumping out the windows of your love
You ride me like so
Because you can and don't you know
You aren't the first love to trip me up
With words that drip from your tongue
Like a well-seasoned pro
You line me up like a nine pin threatening to fall

Chorus 1
You're Talking Circles honey
Don't avoid the issues at hand
The simple truth is you don't love me-But I'll do
Until you reset your plans
Until you find your man

Verse 2
You Keep talking
That's all you do
For all I know Y
ou never loved me but I don't really care

Chorus 2
Just keep talking circles honey
I know that'll you'll find your man
In the bottom of a cereal box
Or the side of a tomato soup can
I just hope the recipe is man

You talk in circles honey
You spin my head around
Always a schemin'
You're like a cat on the prowl
Oh which way are you now.


Chorus 3
We talk in circles honey
But that's okay we both understand
You never can get lost
If you've never been found
It's just round after round

A fighting circle baby
Both of us are going to loose
It just aint no good
Talking in circles with you
I'm gonna cut the noose