Judgement Day American Trad Rock

Released October 9, 2011


Sound Recording

Svante Lahti ("Lahti")
Öjersjö Göteborg Sweden
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Guitar, Bass and drums
Rab M ("dogbizkits")
United Kingdom
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Producing and Mixing
Sonja Perenda ("SonjaPerenda")
Vienna Vienna Austria
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All Vocal, text and melody
Artist's Notes

(Lyrics by Sonja Perenda)
See me torn apart
All the weals across my heart
You shot me down and smiled
Hey, who are you inside?
You bring the sadness
You bring the pain
But you'll pay the price, dear
When it's time for Judgement Day
I was blind
Had lost my mind
Why do I bemoan
a heart of stone?
When justice will pass you by
No one's gonna hear your cries
Chorus 2:
How can you blame me
for what you can't feel?
I tried to save you, but
Your cruel heart I can't heal
No, no, your cruel heart I can't heal