Miss Duplice American Trad Rock

Released January 7, 2012


Sound Recording

Bill Barrett ("BillOnGuitar")
Alpharetta GA USA
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Guitar, Bass
Mark Miller ("markmiller")
Rochester NY USA
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mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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Lyrics, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Artist's Notes

Miss Duplice:

I wanted to see you through the darkest night
little did I know, you get by alright
I wanted to teach you how to bend the rules
but you took me to school

Tender as a cinderblock, just a chip off the old rock
Her picture is worth a thousand words
but there's more truth in silence, don't believe what you've heard

I thought I could live with you, hand in hand
soon it seemed like I was taking commands
and I thought I would take a chance and help you through tough circumstances
then soon that's what I found myself in

Wide eyed before an oncoming train
but it hurts so good sometimes you don't mind the pain
shellshocked, but still I know this....
You seal your own fate when you cross Miss Duplice

I wanted to be the one who tamed you
but then it became just a bit insane, and soon we were through
I tried to be the one to show you're not so tough
but it was you who came through when you called my bluff

You seal your own fate when you cross Miss Duplice