Straight To The Point Adult Alternative

Released January 21, 2012


Sound Recording

Sťbastien PARESYS ("MulToR")
PARIS where cars are parked France
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Project and Music
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Brian Bergen ("simplechain")
San Diego CA USA
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Vocals, Lyrics update
Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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Rock'n'Roll Version and Mix
Artist's Notes

time we cut through the bull we cause haven't a choice
I've been waiting so long now get straight to the point

everyone cheats and everyone lies
I don't know now why I'm surprised
why did I have to see that cold stare in your eyes

and why I don't know?I?m asking you now
don't lie to me now?stay and fight

it's been a long night?waiting for sunlight
don?t matter whose right?get straight to the point

I gave up everything to be here with you
it's no use turning our backs so close to the truth

I asked you for a reason then?I can't believe this is the end
don't hold back no more, just get straight to the point

sometimes I feel like I don't even know you
I don't even know who you really are

how can it be so hard to heal these scars
I don't understand now

everyone cheats it's no surprise
everyone tells their own white lies
why did I have to see that
there in your eyes

all I need to know is whether you still love me
if this is what must be breaking free

do we still have a what if
to get us through this tiff
don't break down and don't you cry now

tell me what?s in your head
don't give in to weakness
I need you to speak, yes
open up

is it all over
I got to know