Nine To Five Bluegrass

Released April 4, 2012


Sound Recording

Alice Leony ("AliceLeonz")
Tangerang Selatan Banten Indonesia
Other releases
Song Writer, Piano
Bjorn Pehrson ("bjorn")
Stockholm Sweden
Other releases
Upright Bass, Guitar, Mix, all his time and support and also heart
Nate James ("Nate")
Missouri USA
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Brilliant Lyric , a very cool Vocal, time & heart
Mike Marnul ("mmarnul")
Rosemont il USA
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Very cool drums , time & heart
mauro clerici ("mauro")
Inverigo Como Italy
Other releases
Guitar, "Tring Tring", time & heart
Ed Sanmi ("edsanmi")
A Coruņa Spain
Other releases
Sweet Harmonica, time & heart
Artist's Notes

Thank you for all your time, wonderful feeling, and lots of fun that makes this song turn to be something so WONDERFUL...
Thank you guysssss I'm so so HAPPYYYY ^____^

Nine To Five
By: Nate James

All these days
I sit and wait
Thumbing through the paper again
Intoxicated I procrastinated
and I can't even find my pen

The clasifieds are full of jobs
experience required or dont inquire
or you can flip burgers at a greasy dive
what I wouldn't give for a Nine to Five

The employment agency gal she called
Peggy's her name and she said hey Paul
There's a job that came open that you could try
and the hours of operation are Nine to Five

The hours of operation are Nine to Five

I show up at the address that Peggy gave
There was a hearse parked in front that was painted grey
and the office was painted pink and white
with a red white and blue twisty barber shop sign

I went inside and introduced myself
they gave me a costume from a dusty shelf
and a big red wig and floppy yellow shoes
they put make up on my face
and gave me a case full of booze

With a list of addresses all across town
they sent me on my way as Boozy the Clown

Well Boozy the Clown is for people turning 40
and people who are recently divorced
sent to bring cheer in the form of jeer
when the reason for eviction is forced

So dressed like a clown
in my dark grey hearse
I embrace my knew role in life
delivering Booze as Boozy the Clown
God Im gratful for my nine to five

At then end of the day
its not about the pay
it's what you accomplish in life
with a smile and some booze
I feel so right
When the hours of operation are Nine to Five