wrong Lounge

Released July 8, 2012


Sound Recording

Eric Bennett ("ericlives")
Pleasanton Ca USA
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Jay Goodell, Eric Bennett & Schmoe, Copyright, all rights reserved. Featuring Jessica Rasche, (ba...
Rab M ("dogbizkits")
United Kingdom
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Pfoject Engineer
Bill Howe ("billy")
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sweet slide guitar
Jessica Rasche ("Jessica")
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Harmony vocal
Artist's Notes

Need a paper and a pencil
gonna right down this song
i need to be sorry
i need to be strong
a lady once told me
you look cute when your'e wrong

oh i'm wrong
yes I'm wrong
I'm wrong

gonna try to stop wishin'
bout things done gone by
but i will keep dreaming
until the day that i die
and I'll always love you
but I'm not always strong

and sometimes I'n wrong
so wrong,
I'm wrong
ooh wrong,
sometimes i'm wrong,
dead wrong


don't know many things
but there's a few that I do
this world would mean nothing
if I didn't have you, yeah
so hard on my heart's blood,
feel the love of my song,

even though i was wrong,
so wrong,
so wrong
oooh I'm wrong,
sometimes I'm wrong, so wrong, so wrong, dead wrong....
I'm so wrong....