No Time For Love ('Traditional' spin-off) Contemporary Folk

Released December 17, 2012


Sound Recording

Ole Kirkeby ("m3roadworx")
Espoo Finland Finland
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Electric and Classical Guitars, Synth, and Mixing
mauro clerici ("mauro")
Inverigo Como Italy
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Acoustic Guitar
J K ("BBkhn")
Saint Paul Minnesota USA
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Vocals, Lyrics, and Cover Art
Artist's Notes

No time for love
( Lyrics J.Krohn 2012)

She wakes up in the morning and gets herself ready for work, and quietly walks by the bed He doesn’t even flinch he doesn’t even
notice her, not even as much as to turn his head.

She comes home that evening and makes her list of things to do, and then onto the routine of her daily life. As she writes she notices
something’s missing, that woman he now calls his wife.

She wonders should she just fall apart,” would he pick up the pieces behind”? “Was this a mistake or just a very poor start”? She quickly
releases this from her mind.

(C )
She’s traditional, loyal and responsible. That girl is traditional. She claims it’s in her blood.

Her mother taught her to honor her husband’s space. She told her to make sure he feel’s that he’s “number one”.
“There’s a place for everything and everything in its place”. “A woman’s work is never done”.
She starts to ask herself “Do I really want this reality?. “His cold response just breaks my heart”.
“Is this the way women are supposed to be, is this the idea of being smart”.....

(C )
Why do they call this-Traditional?-being loyal and responsible?. Traditional- and no time for love.

She packs up her things and wants nothing from this home. Doesn’t want a memory to break her stride.
She says to herself “those are just things and I will make it on my own”.
My feelings are something, “I will never hide”.
She knows now she can’t fall apart. No one will pick up pieces behind. But that’s okay she has this new start, and restored the peace in
her mind.

Now that’s what I call -Traditional- loyal and responsible, now that girl’s traditional -when you make time for love.
Mmm- traditional- now that’s a good thing in her blood-She’s going to show the world what she’s made of. (Fade)