Aint no fun blues (wingman blues) Chicago Blues

Released February 23, 2013


Sound Recording

leon harris ("blingblam1")
brisbane QLD Australia
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composer vocals acoustic guitar
Rab M ("dogbizkits")
United Kingdom
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Mix and master
Miami FL USA
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mauro clerici ("mauro")
Inverigo Como Italy
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Slide guitar
Mike Konoval ("mikekonoval")
Moscow Russia
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Bass guitar
Mark Fisk ("marksharp")
Toledo Ohio USA
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Blues harp
Artist's Notes

Said Adam to Eve "you gave me the apple!"
and Romeo stole my love
I've been here waiting, through the centuries maybe...she's gonna call me up?

Well it ain't no fun
Being alone on the run
I need a partner in crime
to help me shoot my gun

It aint a no more fun: