That's all you'll need to know Alternative Folk

Released March 16, 2013


Sound Recording

J K ("BBkhn")
Saint Paul Minnesota USA
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Music & Lyrics -Guitar- Vocal
Miami FL USA
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Drums & Percussion
Clarke McMurray ("shadowself")
Kingston Ontario Canada
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Back-up vocal & Mix
mauro clerici ("mauro")
Inverigo Como Italy
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Classical guitar
Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Final Mixes
Jeff Brownlee ("JBMonarch")
Lansing MI USA
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Bass & Guitar & Mixing
Artist's Notes

(V1) Sometimes my words are not quite enough, to relate what Iím feeling inside. And when Iím tired and this life treats me rough, I trust your arms is the place that I can hide.

Loneliness- is just now- a word my love. I never feel that- when Iím with you. When you hold me itís like this gift from above Ė I hope your feeling this way too.

Iíll be alright-safe and warm- please donít ever let me go. And if the time is right, I want to be your girl that night- and thatís all youíll need to know.

I couldn't put a price on the way you make me feel- I couldn't afford that kind of loss.
Iíll always want you more than I could explain; I couldn't live without you in my thoughts.

Emptiness now Ėis just a word my love- I never feel that, when Iím with you.
And when youíre near me Ėitís like that gift from above, a feeling that I never knew. (C)

And we will be alright now- safe and warm- I plan to never let you go. I think the time is right,
for me to be your girl day and night- and thatís all youíll need to know

And thatís all youíll need to know.


I want to personally thank Raul,Mauro,Clarke,Jeff & Frank for your awesome talent and time on this project. I appreciate your input very much!