You Fall In Love With The Pain Traditional Country

Released April 19, 2013


Sound Recording

Chris Carnucci ("ccarnucci")
Dallas Tx USA
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Lyrics Acoustic Guitar Vocals Orchestration Drums Mastering
Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")
Scotland United Kingdom
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Bass Guitar
Danny Milligan ("dannyraymilligan")
Alamogordo NM USA
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Lead Guitar
Artist's Notes

You Fall In Love With The Pain
Key of G (capo 1st )

Verse 1
You pour a glass of Chardonnay
To try and keep the ghost away
Betrayed by memories of ďuse to beĒ
That wont let her go so easily

Verse 2
You know you need to come to terms
Exactly how youíve never learned
Just when you think youíve found a way around
The very thing that kept you down

You fall in love with the pain
And the ache thatís taken her place
Yeah you fall in love with the pain
Cause in itís warm embrace a part of her remains
Break (same as verses)

Verse 3
Itís when the evening comes to call
It seems you suffer most of all
Cause when the shadows stretch across the floor
It seems you miss her even more

Verse 4
But oh the wine will set you free
And in its arms youíll find reprieve
You know itís wrong but it feels so right
With every passing hour tonight

Repeat Chorus

Itís not like youíve never tried to let her go
In fact itís all you ever do
Then the evening comes and the cracks begin to show
And the wine takes hold of you, and youÖ

Repeat Chorus