WHY (BoboVersion) Chicago Blues

Released June 10, 2013


Sound Recording

J K ("BBkhn")
Saint Paul Minnesota USA
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Music-Lyrics-1st Guitar- Vocals
Miami FL USA
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Drums - Percussion
mauro clerici ("mauro")
Inverigo Como Italy
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2nd Guitar
Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Bass- Arrangement- Mixing & Final Mixing
Nicola Offidani ("NicolaOffidani")
Massignano AP Italy
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Artist's Notes

Another broken heart in this town tonight. Another faded smile- another sleepless night. No one there the whole night through, believed in a heart untrue. Darkness clouds the once bright soul; secrets betray the love I know. I never heard your truth inside. No-no no For I believed a coat of lies. Reckless heart and a foolish mind, I thought I captured the perfect find. You stole my heart then set it free, forsaking every part of me Every part of me-every part of me -every part of me.(every part of me)

(V1) Now I travel this lonely road- with memories I cherished with you. My heart, my heart it bleeds so, shattered and broken in two. Your artistic practice to deceive, when I am the one I'm the one who chose to believe. Ashamed I was the last to know- a master plan to let me go. Tell me-why, Tell me-why, Can you tell me why-why, Oh-why. Tell me why-Why oh Why (forsaken love)x2

(V2) Lost in my desire for love- I thought, I thought I had won. You hold the key to my heart filled with hope, but now-now you’re gone. A reckless man with a foolish mind, my trusting soul- once believed in this find. You carelessly removed- the face, of happiness- that disappeared without a trace. Tell me-why, why, Tell me-why, can you tell me why, Oh-why. Ooo-Tell me why.

(END) Darkness invades this once bright soul, secrets destroyed the love once known. Reckless heart with a foolish mind, I once believed in this perfect find. Tell me-why,Tell me-why,can you tell me why, can you tell me why.(2x)

Written 2013~

I want to personally thank Mauro-Nicola-Raul-Frank & Peter for their talented contribution and time on this project.