Nothing I Never Said American Trad Rock

Released July 27, 2013


Sound Recording

Casia Lyricist ("Casia-Lyricist")
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Grumpy Grump ("Grumpy")
Atlantic Ocean Florida Keys USA
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Richard del Val ("delvalsAdvocate")
Panama City Beach Florida USA
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Artist's Notes

Nothing I Never Said
(c)2011 Casia

I'm re-arranging boredom
Stuck in my private sphere
Knowing the things that I suppress
Will become my greatest fears

I'm counting animal shapes
Inside my cookie zoo
How many different ones
Remind me of you

Oh, we never mature
We grow tall and then we fall
Oh how we fall
How can words cause so much harm
From nothing I never said
From nothing...I never said
No I never said nothing
Nothing at all

I should do something worthwhile
Until my feelings mend
Like model on the nobel peace prize
With those other three naked men

Or travel to roadside attractions
To see a giant ball of string
Wear an honorable amulet
To protect my precious thing


I'm just a tumbleweed
There's no limit
To how far I can roll
Those are just words I wish I had written
In a language I wish I knew
How I wish I was one step closer to you-ou-ou-ou