To Hell with Glory Grunge

Released September 15, 2013


Sound Recording

Larry Kendrick ("KingLarry")
Williamson GA USA
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original concept, owner, project manager
mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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lyrics, vocals
Joey six ("liljoe6string")
oklahoma city ok USA
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lead guitar
Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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producer, arranger, mix,tech
Anton Klinkt ("antonklinkt")
Eindhoven brabant Netherlands
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bass guitar
Brian Lowe ("BeLo")
Warwick RI USA
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Artist's Notes

To Hell With Glory
by Mike Patterson

Why stand up just to fall?
If that's how it goes, write a different story
The pages turn every day
I'll do what I must, so to hell with glory

Cold memories....
But I'm feeling the heat
and it's pushing me forward
Boast as you will....
Distracted until I'm gone
To hell with the glory

The story stays the same
A hero goes down in flames
I'm pushing forward anyway
To hell with the glory

Chalk it up to a loss,
I can handle the cost if the burden falls on me
But if it goes as a win
You can have recognition, to hell with the glory

Cold hearted fool...
It's not me that's gone cruel
So don't try to blame me
Boast as you do...
It all adds up to nothing!
To hell with the glory