Busted Blues Chicago Blues

Released October 1, 2013


Sound Recording

James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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Acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica, drums, vocal.
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Mighty fine lyrics.
Ian Bullman ("Sound_Addiction")
Cambridge United Kingdom
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Slide guitar.
Artist's Notes

BUSTED BLUES song lyrics
by Joel Sattler

I saw her there
in her velvet chair
watching the street
for a piece of meat

I was hurrying home
with one hand on the phone
she took me off the rail
and put me in a pail

she said take me home
I said I don't live alone
she said we'll make it quick
so much lust made me sick

my knees went weak
I could hardly speak
what could I say?
I said okay....

got no place to go
but I couldn't say no
baby understand
I'm just a poor weak man

she pushed me down on the bed
everything it went red
didn't know I could burn
from the inside out

I started to scream
out something obscene
but she shut me up
with her painted mouth

then there at the door
stood my woman and more
all my inlaws and friends
every one that I trusted

and she said my dear
time to get outta here
cause this time
you're really BUSTED !!!

face down on the floor
when I just wanted more
me and no one else
I just
couldn't help myself