THE NO SLEEP BLUES (2nd Version) Chicago Blues

Released October 3, 2013


Sound Recording

Dan G ("DantheMan")
Austin Texas USA
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Concept, bass, MIDI keys
Miami FL USA
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Drums and Percussion
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Hernan Alizieri ("alizieri")
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
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Lead Guitar
Gai Perry ("HunnyG")
heart and soul Australia
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Artist's Notes

THE NO SLEEP BLUES song lyrics 2nd version
by Joel Sattler [revised by Gai]

up all night
waiting on the morning light
it's 5 AM
can't seem to get it right
my bed is empty
oh and I wish my mind it was empty too
if my mind was empty too

the sky is black
I know I deserve to pay, baby
for what I did
I did deserve
but I didn't want to hear it
say ah cause every little word
every word was true

Maybe tomorrow
I can get me some rest at last
oh beg steal or borrow
then the past ah the past will be the past
no more history
oh I've had enough of that
no I don't want you back
so why can't I get me some sleep

I got the no sleep blues
my cup is empty
guess I'll have another brew
no use in lying down
when my heart spits out the truth
oh no I don't want you back

but tell me why baby why
can't I get you out of my head
oh I need some rest

oh I got the no sleep blues

no sleep blues
no baby I don't want you back
oh but I gotta get me some rest
but baby....