INTUITION Adult Alternative

Released February 20, 2014


Sound Recording

Tony Cas ("StratCas")
New York NY USA
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Ian Pellow ("Fretlessian1")
Fort William Highlands Scotland Ancient Kingdom Dalriada United Kingdom
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Nate F ("ChamberZ")
Illinois USA
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Vocals, Lyrics
Gianluca Grasso ("Janfat")
Benevento Italy
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Keys, Synth, Piano
Daryl Sklar ("drumsforyou")
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Artist's Notes

Intuition (Lyrics) by Nate F.

Midnight eyes, piercing gaze
Awkward smile, an inward haze
Who am I? Tell me who you are Maybe we'll know tomorrow,
if we get that far

Will we fall over the edge?
Is the ground below our final test?
Can we crawl out of the depths?
Will the sunlight lead us back again?
I won't go, I won't go were you've led me
Because it's dangerous, and I already know just what you'll tell me

Yesterday is a cold and empty memory now
I wrap myself around the only thing that's real
Solitude, my shelter from those thunder clouds
Beneath my feet no earth left to feel

Was there never a time, never a day
Never a word, ever to say
Have you ever felt that way?
Have you ever felt so crazy?

Will we ever descend, ever regain
ever decide, ever remain
Will we ever be the same?
Will we always be this strange?