We the Sheeple Metal

Released March 30, 2014


Sound Recording

Mike Lane ("SabreLane")
Humid Hades FL USA
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Lyrics, Music, Bass
Rab M ("dogbizkits")
United Kingdom
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Mix Engineering
UnderGunned Productions ("UnderGunnedProductions")
In the Bush British Columbia Canada
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Groove laden guitars
mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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Lead & Backing Vocals
Cory Frey ("CoryFrey")
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Drums, mix Engineering
Robert Luisyfer Rosillo-vich ("Rosillo-vich")
Madrid Madrid Spain
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Guitar Solo
Artist's Notes



"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."....


Benjamin Franklin.




Undergunned Productions: Groove-laden guitars.

Wire and Wood: Awesome vox!

Cory Frye: Kickin' drums and amazing mix.

Rosillo-vich: Screamin' perfectly executed guitar solo.




Alt mix by Dog Biscuit 02/16/14 featuring Undergunned Productions on harmonica.


We the Sheeple

We the Sheeple - Just tell us what to do.
We the Sheeple - And we'll bend over for you.
We the Sheeple - Don't need our privacy
We the Sheeple - Give us security!

Don't worry little sheeple we'll take care of you!
Our cameras and our drones see everything you do.
We see the words you type and all the sites you view.
We'll keep you safe and sound - And take your liberty too!

We the Sheeple - Just tell us what to think
We the Sheeple - And what to eat and drink.
We the Sheeple ? Are glued to our T.V.s.
We the Sheeple - Please give us more of this sleaze.

Don't worry little sheeple, we'll take care of you!
We'll send your sons to war, that's what we War Pigs do!
We'll feed you all our lies and tell you that it's "news".
We'll keep you safe and sound - And take your liberty too!

You the sheeple - The things you say are moot.
You the sheeple - Sometimes we're quick to shoot.
You the sheeple - Are under our control.
You the sheeple - We only want your soul.

Too late now little sheeple, we took care of you!
We led and then you followed, now what will you do?
You're subject to our rules, do what you're told to do!
We kept you safe and sound - And took your liberty too!