Insanity Metal

Released May 11, 2014


Sound Recording

Jarkko Rantajoki ("JRantajoki")
Rauma Finland
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Guitars, Bass, song writing
Casia Lyricist ("Casia-Lyricist")
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Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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Mixing, Mastering, Guitar solo
Mike Harvey ("MikeHarvey")
Portland Oregon USA
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Staffan Karlsson ("Staffan")
Gothenburg Sweden
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Artist's Notes

Absolutely brilliant learning experience and a massively enjoyable collaboration experience with many great talents. Many thanks to everyone who participated!



Sanity  Is just a fragment of my mind  

Insanity  Comes from the raging storm inside  


Cause I'm a screen door  Slamming in the wind  

A treetop floundering  On the river of sin  

Never know for sure  Which way to go ?

ahhhhhhhh Insanity (Your insanity) Insanity Ahhhhhhhh  


Like a fun house mirror (laugh)

You can run but never hide  From our greatest fear inside

That?s my sanity  

And that?s my sanity What?s real and what?s for sure

What?s behind those eyes To open up the door          


You can run but never hide You can run but never hide 

From the greatest fear inside The raging storm inside

Inside Inside Inside Inside  Ohh ahhhhh ahhhh

You can run but never hide Inside ?

no, no, no, no You cannot hide You can?t hide run Oooooh,

but never hide Run, no Never hide Run, run, run, run, run Run, run,  

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Run But you can?t hide