Holding On Contemporary Country

Released June 26, 2014


Sound Recording

Debbie Strange ("debbiestrange")
Cave City Kentucky USA
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Lyrics, composition, vocals
mika greiner ("fresh727")
Newport Beach CA USA
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male vocals
Sam Philip Wachtel ("PhilipEss")
Scarsdale New York USA
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Piano, strings, production.
Artist's Notes

If life were easy I'd be there with you or you'd be here with me.

But life got complicated with the choices that had to be


Just because I am not there with you

It doesn't mean that my love is not true

Sometimes when we give all that we got, it's still not enough

To hold on.

Verse 2

I know that you need so much more than a voice on the telephone

I know how fucking hard it is to always sleep alone


Late at night when the world has gone dark

I lie awake wondering where you are

I close my eyes I can still feel your arms

Holding on

Holding on


A love like this should stand the test of time

I gave my all for the rest of my life

That has not changed, for me, anyways

I'm holding on

Still holding on

Repeat chorus


If life was easy I'd be there with you or you'd be here with me


Holding on