Long Road to Freedom Jam Bands

Released July 3, 2014


Sound Recording

Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")
Monroe LA USA
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Vocals, Bass, Drums, Production
Ken Ferretti ("kenzoK")
italy italy Italy
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Keys, EWI
Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
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Jeff Greer ("greerjeff")
Pineville LA USA
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Walter Paul Owen ("WalterPaulOwen")
Chicago Illinois USA
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Artist's Notes

it's a long road to freedom 
a long road to a better way 
a long road to freedom 
but we'll get there someday 

everybody has to fight 
fight to be free 
even in America 
for the right to be free 

years ago today 
our founding fathers 
put it all in play 

declared independence 
from the chosen King 
took up the sword 
and let our freedom ring 

it's a long road to freedom 
a long road to go 
a long road to freedom 
to work to make it so 

so many people in so many lands 
think they deserve the lives that they hold in their hands 
but they don't realize it, they don't understand 
that freedom is more than a word more than any man 
can say 

so many people take it all for granted 
that the tree of liberty was in our country planted 
but it must be watered with our sweat and blood 
and there will be nothing nothing left but mud 
and rain 

it's a long road to freedom 
so many failed and tried 
a long road to freedom 
so many men have died 

and every generation 
must take upon the task 
and simple veneration 
is not too much to ask 

give honor to the dead 
without whom we'd not be here 
thank them for living out our lives 
without slavery or fear 

it's a long road to freedom 
a long long long long road....