Ice on the Beach (Infected Puppets Style) (Contest Entry) Surf

Released July 23, 2014


Sound Recording

Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")
Los Angeles California USA
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Lyrics, Vocals
Site Administrator ("kompoz")
Miami FL USA
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Marcelo Boratto ("mboratto")
Florianopolis Santa Catarina Brazil
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Original Music, Rhythm Guitar
Josh Miller ("SirEdgeingtonBlue")
Crescent Springs KY. USA
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Lead Guitar
Harald Kay ("JackRelaxx")
Hannover Germany
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sandy barthe ("sandybarthe")
venelles provence France
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Bass Guitar
Artist's Notes

Ice on the Beach   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


Live, work, play

It?s time to get away

Head down to Virginia Beach

Where the cool people hang

A spark of innovation

When we ride the waves

Here tomorrow, here today

Baby we?re here to stay


Warm, hot, yet cool

It?s up to you

Hollywood at the beach

Sand on our feet

Music, film and technology

That?s what it?s all about


Come on everybody

Time to scream and shout

Mixing business with pleasure

Having fun while getting it done


Extreme Sports and sexy girls

Live the life

Never before has it been this way

It feels so right

Live it up tonight

Ice on the beach

Interactive Culture

Live it up tonight



Ice on the beach

Is the place to be

Meeting all the talented people

In the industry
We can listen to music

Maybe go to a movie

Walk along the beach

Now we?re feeling groovy

Having so much fun

If you want to chill

Get down to Virginia Beach

Have yourself a thrill

Live it up tonight

Ice on the beach

Live it up tonight


Ice on the beach

Ice on the beach

Catch a wave of technology

Ice on the beach

Ice on the beach