Closer Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Released July 31, 2014

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Sound Recording

Tracy Hutchison ("xvpusw")
Illinois USA
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Original Lyrics
Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")
Monroe LA USA
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Vocals, Mixing
Jeff Greer ("greerjeff")
Pineville LA USA
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Original Music and Instruments
Artist's Notes





I'm travelin' down a road

No real destination

Been travelin' all my life

Got no reservation

Am I gettin' closer

Hand tight on the shifter

Got some trepidation

Cold moon on the highway

Is it desperation

Am I gettin' closer


I'll know it when I get there

I got a destination

Chasin' down a big dream

No more trepidation

I think I'm closer

Still travelin' on that road

Got a reservation

Sunlight on the highway

No more desperation

I know I'm closer


Midnight chasin' my tail light

But it's alright

Feel I'm gettin' closer

Green light comin' in the night

So it's alright

Feel I'm getting' closer

Just a little closer


Rain drops on my windshield

Old ghosts sittin in my rearview

Dawn breakin just up ahead

Can't wait for someplace new

Someplace closer