Tony Parker Funk

Released July 31, 2014

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Sound Recording

JC Beziz ("DocDaFunk")
Geneva Geneva Switzerland
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Concept, Guitar . Lyrics
mika greiner ("fresh727")
Newport Beach CA USA
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Craig Steen ("CraigSteen")
London London United Kingdom
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Drums ,
Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn
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Guitar Lead , Lyrics , Mixing , Mastering
Fab - ("NoisyLingus")
New Caledonia
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Bass, Backing Vocals
Artist's Notes

The ScapeGoatz proudly present , an hommage to the Greatest French NBA Player!!


OOOOOOOOO Plz Tony don't Rap
          Listen to Pop
          and set the trap

          Never gamble on the steal
          U'll Get the stop
          Boy u're for Real

          No one in the league
          Can guard u
          not even Jrue

          Pick'n' roll, Fake
          Tear Drop
          Man u can't stop
          Tony Parker

          Tony Parker
          Tony Parker

          Tony Parker

Second Verse

          Here it's the wild wild west
          Ac turned off
          Lebron needs rest

          Ain't a day for loosing
          U're too proud
          windows' closin'
          Nothing in the worl can stop u
          Hurricanes , Floods
          or Aminu
          Pick'n' roll, Fake
          Tear Drop
          Y'all Love!


          Tony Parker

          Tony Parker
          Tony Parker

          Tony Parker

          Buzzer Beater!!!
          Ankle Breaker!!
          Add for Kinder!!
          Tony t'es le meilleur!!


        Remember last season? You told Timmy it wasn't over

       That you would work harder And next season you would take it higher

      First the Mavericks Then the Blazers, the Thunder And now the beat

      You're back and the crowd chants MVP!