stereo planet Adult Alternative

Released August 4, 2014

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Sound Recording

xi net ("xinet")
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pat montgomery ("hmrkingpin")
virginia beach va USA
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Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")
Los Angeles California USA
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vocals and lyrics
Andrea Spaziale ("AndreaSpace")
Casale Monferrato Alessandria Italy
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Stereo Planet Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd




Music is my life it?s what I like to do


Put the headphones on let me share it with you


Turn up the volume, got to hear that sound


Listen to what?s the bands laying down


Stereo Plant, it?s where I want to live


Ah yea!


Sounds are pumping all over this place


They must sound hot, from the look on your face


Stereo Planet


It?s where we like to stay


And play all night


That?s right! All night


The band has something to say


The covers free, no need to pay


Strapping on my axe


Time to blow your ass away


Stereo Planet


There?s so much more to give


Oh yea!


Come and get some take as much as you need


We?ll keep playing till our fingers bleed


Imagine all the things you could see


Living on Stereo Planet with me


Living on Stereo Planet