Passing Time Pop/Rock

Released August 9, 2014

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Sound Recording

Brian Bergen ("simplechain")
San Diego CA USA
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Vocals, Lyrics
Rab M ("dogbizkits")
United Kingdom
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Lee Sharp ("leesharp")
United Kingdom
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Keyboards, Drums
e cpnk ("ecopunk")
Brighton Sussex United Kingdom
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Guitars, Bass
Artist's Notes

A pop groove about missing one's spouse stationed away in the armed services while taking care of kids at home...


10 months come and gone, how I miss your ways
A smile, touch or kiss got me through the day
Last tour, coming home, it won't be long now
the kids breathe your name in dreams as I vow
To not get so headstrong, when recovery seems long
Two worlds bridge your life and transition takes time
something we've faced a few times, take a step back and rewind
we?re fine, and everything's all right

With each wheel turning I feel this yearning, my heart?s still burning as I lay down tonight.
I'm just fine passing time til you walk through that door.
s still burning as I lay down tonight. 
I'm passing time tonight.

Back then we were young ?didn't know a thing
about life and the challenges it would bring
Deployed just six months after we were wed
you wrote every week to prove you weren't dead
But after these long years the battles thrill has disappeared
You're tired, cold and spent, and we just need you home
Take a moment to reflect what this career?s nearly wrecked I've said it's time you come home