Ghost Town Indie Rock

Released August 8, 2014


Sound Recording

minime c ("minime")
Dingenskirchen Germany
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Electric Guitar - Bass - Drums - Mixing
mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")
Portland Or USA
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Vocals - Lyrics - Guitar Solo

Ghost Town 

I used to have a master plan

Back then it seemed to all make sense

Some principal plus you pay to play what a grand illusion

See the faces from a masquerade behind the mask,

a ghost anyway I welcome all back to this place

Yes, there's nothing to fear


Put, I put up

some new buildings in the Ghost Town

But then the ghosts reappeared...

kind of a road block, you see...

Meet at the town square


Missed, I missed out

a little bit of information

But then the ghosts reappeared

Kind of a blessing, it seems

Relax - It gets better from here


I used to know where the lines were drawn

They blurred out, now completely gone

The ghosts love such grand facade

so they gather around here

Seem lost as they walk the streets

and those prints left beneath their feet

Tell a tale of a place that once was

so vibrant and real


Kind of a combustible situation

Yet there's no fire burning around here

All in the mind's eye, it's imagination

Tried to bury it, but it's reappeared

Maybe it looks like a ghost town from outside

Well, it isn't so far from the truth

I got a corner lot with your name on it

Act fast because it will disappear soon!