The Fields of Ambrosia Country Blues

Released August 16, 2014

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Sound Recording

Tracy Hutchison ("xvpusw")
Illinois USA
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James Fraser ("offthewall")
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
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One man band!
Artist's Notes


Thanks to James for bringing this poem to life as a song.


The Fields of Ambrosia

(Lyric Version)

Hangman rode in on his carriage of black

Looked like the devil in an old top hat

He bade the jailer please let him in

He smelled of dust and homemade gin

He walked in and they opened my cell

Said son mind if I come and sit a spell

He said son there?s a better place than this

With no regrets no sorrows or loneliness

Never a stormy day or freezing cold night

No pain no disease or any kind of blight

A warm place where a man never grows old

It?s called the Fields of Ambrosia I?m told

Next morning I looked across the shadows

To the newly-built dew covered gallows

Saw the old devil in his worn top hat

Carefully twining a rope this way and that

With a deep breath I reached into my boot

Pulled out the knife stashed near my foot

About that time the old jailer came in

Your last breakfast he said with a grin

I said Mister I sure aint feelin so well

Can you bring that on in to my cell

He did as I asked and in less than a minute

I?d killed again but this time I meant it

Grabbed me a horse around the jail I did ride

The hangman shocked he stopped in midstride

He pulled a derringer and pointed at my head

I stopped the horse then looked down and said

I ain?t ready for your fields yet hangman

Gotta go take care of my gal Molly Ann

Grinning I stared at him dead in the eye

Drop it or you?ll see them fields before I

I could tell by his face he wanted to speak

But sweat broke and ran down his cheek

He lowered his gun and tipped his old hat

Then I rode off and never looked back