Anunnaki(Return of The Gods) IDM/Experimental

Released August 28, 2014

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Sound Recording

Mark Van Der Linden ("rockindrummer68")
Taylorville IL USA
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Song Creator/Song Owner/Original Source Music File/Project Management
XAN EDEN ("xan")
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Frank Kennedy ("Parametric")
Hancock MA USA
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Raymond Lapointe ("rlapointe")
Toronto Ontario Canada
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Some Vocals
Alice Leony ("AliceLeonz")
Tangerang Selatan Banten Indonesia
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Zach V. ("ILike2RockHard")
Merced California USA
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Rhythm Electric Guitar
Artist's Notes

Song about the return of the Anunnaki Gods from planet Nibiru to earth! This collaboration is governed by a (c) All Rights Reserved license Effective on Oct 2, 2012